We offer cutting-edge solutions for digitizing the point of sale and analyzing customer behavior within the store.

The “P” of proximity has been added to the traditional “4P” of the marketing mix. The proximity marketing closes the circle between company and consumer directly in the point of sale. Thanks to blue tooth technologies and devices, such as i-beacon and smart station, the customer receives information about products or promotions in real time.

The sales point must return to be a pleasant and interesting place where you find the functionality of online stores, without giving up the irreplaceable experience of touching, trying and getting excited with the product and the service of specialized personnel.


We offer olfactory communication solutions to reinforce the perception of the brand within the store and to strengthen the customer’s hospitality.

The reception of the customer through a pleasant fragrance allows to create an olfactory memory, a sensory link and at the same time reinforces the visual stimulation.

Yu retail through partners specialized in this sector supports its customers in the phase of choosing the right fragrance, based on the brand, the consumer, the sales container and the product segment.


The musical setting can not be left to a subjective choice. It must be guided by specialists. Through specialized partners, Yu Retail accompanies its customers in choosing the best playlist.

At what speed do we want to “dance” the final consumer?
Gender, bpm, volume and time bands are some of the criteria for defining music accompaniment based on the target audience, the sales container, the positioning of the brand and the merchandise segment.


Today the evolved brand is omnichannel. Yu Retail accompanies its partners in the correct integration of all the media, from physical retail to e-commerce. From social media to paper communication, from visual books to newsletters.

Through a staff of industry professionals we are able to facilitate the best declination of your brand on all communication channels.

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