May 2018

October 2018


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Headu Headu, the brand of avant-garde educational games, has chosen Yu Retail to train the staff present in the Headu store dealers. [...]

November 2017

May 2018

Elena Mirò

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ELENA MIRO' Yu Retail together with Miroglio group and in particular the retail department is working on guidelines to present the storytelling/function of use concepts collection and facilitate the purchase [...]


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Diesel We are Diesel and Diesel Kid partner for the care of visual merchandising on display and inside the main Italian cities stores. The shop windows [...]


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DAINESE Yu Retail and Dainese: a collaboration aimed at supporting the entire retail network of Dainese in Italy, Europe and the United States, through a mix [...]


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Champion Yu Retail is Champion’s official partner for the care of visual merchandising instore and of the shop windows inside the monobrand in the main Italian [...]

July 2019


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Slam Slam collaborates with Yu Retail for his first 40 years. An event that we were called to celebrate and translate into image, through [...]

May 2018


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Nike Nike has chosen Yu Retail for market analysis on product positioning within the main Italian chains. The results of over 300 interventions on as [...]

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