Optimize and rationalize the retail department

We help you in the phase of analysis and strategy with the objective to optimize and rationalize the human and economic resources of our partners.
  • Analysis of the industrial project
  • Critical analysis
  • Market analysis and positioning
  • Participation in the drafting of the industrial plan
  • Organization chart
  • Budget & reporting
  • Consumer analysis
  • Manager training & start up tutoring
  • Training staff training
  • Space management
  • KPI analysis
  • Marketing budgeting

Retail marketing plans – sales calendars – seasonal product rotation plan

We support the product office and the marketing office in the integration of a seasonal product rotation plan.
The exhibiting capacity of the sales point, the strategic commercial moments and the segmentation of the product-produced collection, should be calendarized so that you have a retail presentation always fresh and potentially pleasing.
At this product rotation floor we will go to combine an ​​adequate display communication. The sales plan therefore will have to “Tell the stories” with the right time of periodicity; everything is planned through a strategy that consider factors such as: weather, geolocation, target consumer, weights and colors of the ecc collection.

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